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        Aug 04, 2020

        Complex formulation system

        The preparation system is composed of customized sanitary containers and facilities, valves, instruments of internationally renowned brand, with automatic CIP/SIP, mixing, shear emulsification, temperature control, aeration, constant volume, temperature control, metering, PH adjustment, DO, constant volume, feeding, discharging, sterilization and filtration of liquid medicine, online integrity detection and many other functions, meeting the needs of fully automatic preparation of complex preparations such as suspensions, emulsions, micro-spheres, liposome, and stable operation.


        1. Preparation volume: 1~20000L;

        2. Magnetic stirring speed: 0~450rpm, stirring control accuracy: ±1%;

        3. It can be equipped with ultra-filtration machine, online shearing machine, high shear mixing, online homogenizer, ball mill and other equipment to provide customers with micron or nanometer pharmaceutical liquid dispensing production line;

        4. Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃;

        5. Weighing accuracy: 3‰;

        6. It can be equipped with automatic CIP station or self-circulating cleaning;

        7. Special tanks can be selected to ensure small batch production;

        8. Suspension with circulating filling system;

        9. Feeding can be equipped with feeding hopper, automatic feeding system, hoist system, isolator feeding;

        10. Optional nitrogen aeration, vacuum defoaming function;

        11. Optional online integrity test function before and after SIP;

        12. Modular combined design, quick clearance, improve equipment utilization;

        13. Flexible formula management functions, electronic signature, electronic records and audit trail functions;

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