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        Home > News > Company News > Establishment Ceremony of TRUKING Ingenuity Biotechnology(ChangSha) Co., Ltd
        May 29, 2020

        Establishment Ceremony of TRUKING Ingenuity Biotechnology(ChangSha) Co., Ltd

        In May, witnessed by all the distinguished guests, the establishment of TRUKING Ingenuity Biotechnology (ChangSha)Co., Ltd was signed and celebrated in TRUKING.

        TRUKING Ingenuity Biotechnology(ChangSha) Co., Ltd was established in Ningxiang, Hunan province. As a subsidiary of TRUKING, it is committed to the R&D and production of bioengineering-related core technologies and machinery including chromatography,ultrafiltration, auto inline conditioning chromatography system(AICC), to provide overall solution for our customers in pharmaceuticals.
        TRUKING Ingenuity Biotechnology(ChangSha) Co. Ltd has a complete set of separation and purification machinery. It will be integrated with TRUKING's upstream cell culturing, fermentation and downstream filling, freeze-drying to secondary package, which will greatly promote the company's ability in the overall solution of biopharmaceuticals.

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