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        Home > News > Company News > Truking in Prime out of 20-year Persistence
        Apr 28, 2020

        Truking in Prime out of 20-year Persistence

        Truking is right in its prime out of 20-year Persistence. On dawn of April 28, 2020, Truking enthusiastically ushered in its 20th birthday. The day began with the inauguration of Truking’s Phase 4 Project to expand its industrial park, marking a historic moment in Ningxiang City, Hunan Province, China. With Phase 4, Truking will be able to offer innovative packaging solutions, making Ningxiang City one of the largest world pharmaceutical centers in the next five years.

        Then, Truking hosted a grand commemorative ceremony to reward key achievements and to bid farewell to nostalgic memories.

        Thanks to the contributions and trust of the shareholders and our customers, Truking is marching forward into the glorious golden future.

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