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        Home > News > Company News > TRUKING Signed the Contract of the 4th Phase of Construction Land
        Apr 02, 2020

        TRUKING Signed the Contract of the 4th Phase of Construction Land

        On 2nd April, 2020, TRUKING and Ningxiang Chengfa Investment Holding Group Co.,Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the construction land of the fourth phase project of TRUKING.

        The new land is closely connected with the main industrial park. With 142 acres of planned area, buildings for R&D, manufacturing and administration and living facilities will be built, like Innovation Center, HR Building, Central Workshop, Intelligent Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop, Intelligent After-Packaging Workshop, Apartment E, etc.

        “In the critical period of TRUKING’s 20th anniversary, we initiated the construction of the fourth phase project which would attach great significance to TRUKING. A solid foundation would be laid to make TRUKING one of the global leading enterprises in the pharmaceutical machinery industry. ”TRUKING Chairman and CEO Mr.Tang Yue said at the signing ceremony.

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